She cried when I left and I promised I'd come back.  The mountains really didn't want me to leave - The terrain out of Banff toward Calgary is downhill but the wind and the rain this day was pushing me back to the mountains.  It was a wet day and I encountered my first flat tire. After my first replacement tube exploded, knocking me on my butt and leaving my ears ringing, I was back in action for the remainder of my 135 km ride to my friend Greg's place in Airdrie just north of the Calgary airport.
6/15/2010 04:47:50 am

Lovely pictures. You will have a beautiful travelogue. I enjoyed Calgary years ago; got on the wrong turn, got lost and drove Grandpa to the airport which I never lived down..... hope you got the tire fixed; walking is too slow.... Hugs, Grandma

6/15/2010 10:04:36 am

Oh, my God!! You found my "little bird"!!!rsrs I knew he was there... I really knew that! He loves you!! :o) Good shot of the day!!
"Good night, little bird!"
"Boa noite, Kev!"

6/15/2010 07:25:18 pm

Wow, i've been having so much fun following your blog, you seem to have such wonderful family and friends, and it's so much fun reading your stories. I LOVE the photos! I'd heard there are mountain goats in the rocky mountains, and i wondered if you would see any, and you did, such awesome photos. Your blog would make an awesome book because of your gorgeous photos...i would buy it :) I liked the birdie too cris :)

Angela Kieffer
6/15/2010 11:37:23 pm

Hey Superman!!!
Thought of you today and got online to check out how you are doing. Glad you are well and moving along. Gorgeous Kevin. Be safe!

6/17/2010 06:02:26 am

I´m really envy about your trip,
I`d like to be with you in this adventure, wait for me, I`m coming there...just kiding!!! Some friends will be in the same way that you are, they are traveling by their motorcycles from New York to Canada.Well, I hope everything continues well with you, good luke!!!
Sergio,Mariza and little Victoria from Brazil.

6/17/2010 01:20:31 pm

Yes, a book is a really nice thing with all these photos and also about your amazing adventure. Barb, I like joking with Kevin about "little bird". We live so far away, so my little bird is a kind of bridge! :o)

Sue Smith
6/19/2010 09:31:05 am

Hi Kevin: making strawberry jam today (now that should conjure up fond memories!)& listening to hour on cycling: interviews, stories etc. One story of a family, mom, dad & 3 boys ages 1yr to 7 yrs, cycling across Canada...wrote a book "Mud, Sweat and Gears" (I think that is the name of a cycling shop in Ellicottville, NY!) Played a good travelling song ..Gord Lightfoot's "Carefree Highway"; may that be your theme... keep on turning those wheels! Sue


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