After my campsite in Campbelton I made my way toward Bathurst.  It was a short riding day since I only started riding at 2pm.  The wind was blowing at me and I managed to ride about 75 km before deciding to stop at a little campsite on the Jacquet river.  When I got to my site I met Richard and Raymonde who were on a two week camping vacation through Quebec and New Brunswick. They were from Montreal and spoke only a little bit of English.  Richard saw me and came over to ask if I wanted some dinner.  Of course, I accepted and went over to meet his wife, Raymonde who asked if I spoke French.  They shared their chicken and potato dinner with me and helped train my ear to Quebec French.  In the morning, Richard came over to offer me some coffee and then offered me eggs and bacon.  He was really excited about fly fishing and got his fishing pole out to show me some of the tricks to catch fish with a fly.

I then set off for Miramichi, about 150 km down the road.  My goal this day was to arrive at the 7000km mark of my trip.  It started off with a stiff headwind and then some weather moved in and the wind shifted as I curled around to the south toward Miramichi.  I made good time and kept ahead of the rain, for the most part.  When I arrived in Miramichi, a reporter from the local paper came to meet me at the campsite (The Enclosure) which was suggested by him when we spoke on the phone about where to meet.  I rode through town and decided to get some food before heading on to the campsite - Subway caught my eye first and then Dairy Queen - I stopped for food at both :)  By now it was raining and I pulled my rain gear out for the final few km to the campsite.

When I arrived at the campsite and was setting up two kids - about 10-12 years old, Adam and Joel, were riding their bikes and were really curious about my set up.  They hung around for a while and asked all sorts of questions.   I met with the reporter and then made my way to sleep.

The next morning while I was packing up, Adam and Joel were back on their bikes and came around to wish me a good trip.  I had breakfast at the campsite restaurant and Joel kept me company while I ate.

As I was making my way now toward Moncton I noticed a sign on the side of the road with the words "Fly-in".  I knew I was close to the Miramichi airport so I decided to check it out.  I had only ridden 16km when  I saw the sign and it turned out to be a good place to stop with lots of great people.  They had $5 camping and were going to have a dinner with music and bonfire.  I immediately started talking with some of them and met Lionel who offered me a place to stay.  Being ahead of schedule I decided that it would be fun to hang out with a bunch of fellow pilots and airplanes.   It was a really fun day.  After the party I went back with Leonel and his partner Nancy to their house in Miramichi.  Lionel showed me the plane that he is building in his garage -  holy cow - there are a lot of rivets!

Now I'm getting packed up and ready to head off for Moncton.  Thanks for the great company and the comfy bed Leonel and Nancy!

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