Yesterday was a day of torturous headwinds as we made to trek from Brandon to Portage la Prairie.  We rode 135km, but with the wind it felt like 235km.  We left the campground in Brandon late as we had anticipated an easy day.  After some coffee, pastry, Subway, and a stop at the grocery store for road food we were on our way to Portage.  To add to the challenge of the wind the shoulder of the road became non-existent.  Mr White lost anh hope of companionship with Mr. G.  With no shoulder and lots of traffic the trucks were forced to give us minimal space to ride.  Adventure adventure adventure! :)  We arrived in Portage around 9pm and had massive appetites.  In this state of hunger our stop at the local Co-op for grilling food was not very cheap, however, after arriving at the campsite, starting our fire and setting up camp we managed to eat nearly everything.  It was a late night and the hot shower felt really good. 

Today was our second day of stiff headwind and it again took almost as much energy to ride 75km today as it took to ride 213km three days ago.  It wasn't without adventure though.  We started the day by checking out an antique shop up the road from our campground just east of Portage la Prairie.  A lot of stuff!  Then a pretty uneventful ride until I came upon Takashita walking his shopping cart across the continent.  He's out there tonight on the side of the road waiting for the sun to rise.  Upon arriving in Winnipeg, I was joined by Scott who was riding home from his "office" (Starbucks) and after a short conversation about my ride invited me for a cold drink at his house around the corner from where he caught up to me on the #1 Hwy.  We talked for a bit and then one of the neighbor kids (David) came over to see what was happening and shortly after another neigbor (Richard I think) came over and gave me 10 bucks.  It was a good stop.  Then I was off to REI to pick up some supplies and potentially meet my new TCBCs.  Meeting up with my TCBCs didn't happen - my guess is that we were all whipped from riding in the  wind all day and needed our rest.

Now, I'm falling asleep and thinking I will finish this story in the morning.

Boa noite!
7/1/2010 02:37:25 am

Happy Canada Day! You made it to Winnipeg right on time! Enjoy the holiday.

7/1/2010 06:01:22 am

HAPPY CANADA DAY!!!! Enjoy this day, Kev!!! Your pic with Takashita is taking me BIG laughs yet!!!hahahahahahaa

7/1/2010 01:19:27 pm

HAPPY CANADA DAY AGAIN! now you embark on the rest of your ride across canada (detour through the US) :) see you when you're back on our side. tee hee.

Opal Lynne
7/2/2010 06:56:51 am

kEVIN:Need a dinner? Come to our house for dinner and PIE. Let us know when you will arrive. Can't wait to see you.

Roger and burnie


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