June 27th - WIND! ... and it's blowing eastward!  My average speed this morning was 40km/hr.  Rode over 100km before lunch :)  I've been dreaming about this day.  It's completely awesome!  Brandon is our destination today - about 110 km from here.  I'm breaking 200km today baby!

I saw a storm cloud about 40km to the north of me and rode with it for most of the day as it slowly converged on my track.  Then it gave me a double rainbow to enjoy at the end of my ride.

Met two more TCBCs today.  Shawn and Cody who are riding for breast cancer.  Check out the bottom right corner of www.bcsc.ca.

And my new buddy Tim - who has us in stitches laughing every 2 minutes.  He's riding for Doctors Without Borders - check his site out at www.transcanadatim.wordpress.com

We ate lunch in Elkhorn just across the border in Manitoba.  Woohoo!  New province and new time zone.

Arrived in Brandon now and warming up / drying off after hitting a storm cloud a few km from Brandon.  Got rescued from the rain by a wonderful woman named Morag who had a small pick up and felt sorry for the water logged bloke on the a bike at the side of the road.  Thanks Morag!

Now I'm warming up with a hot chocolate at McDonald's waiting for my other biking colleagues to arrive.  It's cold and wet out now so I might find a more substantial shelter tonight.... like a hotel :)
6/27/2010 06:10:13 am

Awesome pictures! Watched you cross into Manitoba this morning! You are making good time today... Mother Nature making up for Medicine Hat! :0)

6/27/2010 06:40:35 am

So glad you met my friend Evan and his family! The Regina Chapter are great people and know how to put fun into everything!
Hurry over to Ontario!

6/27/2010 01:45:02 pm

awesome clouds, yeah a rainbow! Manitoba baby! You were flying like Superman or something... weeeeeeeee.


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