On the road again!  After a nice break in Minneapolis visiting my friends and sleeping in my own bed for a few nights I'm back at it. 

When I arrived in Minneapolis on Wednesday afternoon I had arranged to meet up with my friend Kaye from the CorePower Yoga studio to ride into Minneapolis.  We had a little trouble finding each other but finally managed to connect at the Caribou coffee shop downtown.  It started raining but I knew I had only a few more miles to go before I would be in my own house and able to get comfortable and relax a bit.

While downtown I connected with another friend (ex girlfriend, in fact) Catie and got caught up a bit - it was good to see her.  Why's it so hard to find love! :)

Moving on, my friend Margit happened to be in transit through Minneapolis and managed to change her flight to the next morning so that we could visit and make dinner. 

When I arrived at my house, Roger and Burnie (my wonderful neighbors) were in the street waiting for me with their cameras.  On Thursday night they made dinner for me and I got to meet Opal and Don - Roger's brother and sister in law.  We had Lasagna - mmmm.

It was a busy few days visiting with friends and colleagues, attending Rotary meetings, and getting things in order for my departure this morning.

On Friday night I had a barbecue at my house with lots of friends and lots of fun.

Saturday was more bike maintenance, laundry, a haircut, and a dip in the pool with my friends Shari, Heather, and Paul

Now, I'm off to start the second half of the journey and all rested up for the adventures that lay ahead.

Peace and Love all the way!
7/14/2010 01:28:54 am

Goodmorning! Today is Wednesday, July 14, 2010!! Have a great day!


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