The day started off with another fury friend waking me up - Izzy the kitten - I'm not a cat person, but this little guy is pretty cute and he doesn't make my nose itch.  Got a picture with Martin, Christie, and Bailey before school with the Nurse Next Door car.  This is one of Martin's businesses - it's home care for the elderly who want to maintain their independence living in their own homes.  So, if you need a little TLC in your home this is the company to get it from (click here to learn more). 

So, riding down the hill today that nearly killed me at the end of my ride yesterday was a fun way to start the day.  At the bottom I stopped a the gas station and was greeted by a couple of bikers who had already seen my picture in the paper.  I bought a paper and cut out the article.  Onward out of Kamloops I realized how long I've been waiting for this experience.  I got present to how much I've wanted to get back to everyday being better than the day before.  I'm there and it literally made me cry.  How freaking awesome is this?!!  Not only do I get to experience it, I get to share it with everyone who looks at my site and do it for a good cause.  Outstanding!  Then my mind started working and coming up with all sorts of fun and funny things which will get inserted here and there on the site.  The pictures above show most of the day.  It was sunny sunny sunny and my solar panel was working overtime - because of all the power my phone even gave me a message saying I wasn't using the right charger.  By the time I got to Salmon Arm my muscles were pretty shot and it was nice that the camp ground I found has showers.  Not only that they have free wireless internet throughout the camp and each site has power.  To top it off, they donated my $25 camp fee to the Huntington Society.  Sweet!  If you ever come through Salmon Arm - stay at the Salmon Arm Camping Resort.  They also have little cabins, a pool, hot tub, laundry facilities, and a little store with ice cream.

There's lots more to tell, but I need to start regenerating my energy for tomorrow. 

Sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite.
Rocca family
6/8/2010 05:31:04 am

Hi Kevin,
We are happy to follow your challenge from France. Thanks to your wonderful pictures, we will plan to visit Canada soon!
Good luck!

Jen Bruber
6/8/2010 07:33:16 am

simply thrilled at the shots you are getting from the road, and THEN I see Izzy!! I am such a cat person, and I know they get in your face. Hope your day is going well!
your lawn is being well- watered, i can tell you that much!

6/8/2010 10:03:51 am

Oieee... gostei do seu novo visual. I am very, very, very, excited for you!! Go Kev!!!! Tenha mais um dia LINDO e INSPIRADOR!!! Você é especial!! :o)

6/8/2010 10:08:47 am

Very nice. Thanks to M&C and family.

6/8/2010 04:18:19 pm

okay aren't trains awesome when on road trips, wait till you see one stretched out across the entire prairies from engine to caboose. K2 (awe), hee hee the cow hiding in the grass and yum, there's your zoodles and buffet dinner. nice. so many more artistic shots. BEST ONE OF THE DAY: Made in Canada! That's right Mr. Canadian, that's you! :)

erin Fisher
6/8/2010 04:22:07 pm

lovin the K2! :) you need a side car for K2 next time. PS, that bike seat makes me hurt. lol

Marie Saraga
6/8/2010 08:31:02 pm

Love the photos that you are capturing along the ride. Happy pedaling......

6/8/2010 11:07:45 pm

Hi Kevin! Was the guy who sat next to you on the plane ride from MSP to Denver. It looks like you are off to a great start! Way to go!

BTW ... I just purchased a fun toy that you may be interested in using during your trip. It is a waterproof helmet cam for only $129 USD.

Check it out:

Good luck! Stay safe! Will be watching your progress.

6/8/2010 11:12:38 pm

Eeeeh... você escreveu em Português!! Lindo, lindo, lindo!! A bandeira brasileira te cumprimentou neste dia! O artigo foi a concretização daquilo que você é verdadeiramente: MARAVILHOSO!! Você é assim! Vamos conjugar este verbo: eu choro, tu choras, ... GO Kev!!!!!! :o)


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