Woke up this morning in my tent at about 4:30 when the sun started to show it's presence.  It was a cold morning and it almost seemed like there might be rain.  I went back to sleep again for a couple hours and finally got up around 7:00 to start packing up and getting on with my third day of biking.  I had a couple of little feathered friends join me for breakfast and they let me take their picture.  Everything until lunch time was pretty much down hill until I reached Lillooet where the terrain started back up a very gradual incline.  Just before Lillooet was one of the BC Hydro reservoirs where there was a nice picnic area and a bunch of sun that also charged my phone.  It also had cell service so I was able to catch up on some phone calls and email and got set up with a place to stay when I get to Kelowna.  Got my second Yoga picture here too - with only a 10 second delay on my camera it's challenging to get set up in time.  Then I stopped at a little café in Lillooet called the Garden Patch Café on main street.  Had an excellent egg salad sandwich and a big bowl of very delicious pea soup - stop there if you ever pass through.  They let me plug my phone in to the wall to charge, so I took my time eating to have enough power to make it to my next campsite.  The terrain changed a lot as I moved on from Lillooet - much more arid and desert like.  Then it changed more to farmland surrounded by mountains.  This day I found the long flat stuff more challenging than the long climb out of Pemberton yesterday....  Now I'm at the campsite (Marble Creek Prov. Park) about 40 km from (Cache Creek).  And during the 60 mile ride I was thinking - man, it would be nice to have a beer...  upon arrival at the campsite I was asking a couple about how we pay for the site and telling him about my ride and he brought me an ice cold Molson Canadian!  Sweet deal!

Tomorrow I ride to Kamloops... about 80 miles (130km).  I'm talking really nice to my knees tonight :)

Some side thoughts I had today - human beings are inherently superstitious - including me.  I've been playing this game in my head with myself of looking for my initials (KHG) in license plates - as if it will tell me what to do with respect to relationships and where I am going to live.... it's been going on in my head for about three years in Minneapolis and I think I've seen my initials once.   So far, in the 4 days that I've been in BC I've seen them three times - at least close enough to call it three (KHC, KHG, KVH).    That's it, enough, ça suffit!  I'm moving to BC :) 

The other thought I had was - this trip would not be possible(at least in this form) without the existence and contribution of every person and thing that has existed before me.  The roads, the bike, the phone, the laptop, the internet, the freeze dried food, the light weight camping gear, and everything that lead up to all that stuff.  Thanks world! and thanks everyone!

Mileage total for the day: 64.76 miles (104.22 km)
6/8/2010 01:37:41 am


erin fisher
6/8/2010 04:10:25 pm

oh kevin so cool!!! i wish there was a place to comment under each photo so i could write show off under the yoga poses lol love you kevin you are amazing. i love following your site! xo


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