The day started out with some light drizzle and rain but I wasn't going to let that deter the start of my ride.  I put my rain coat on and set off from the Encil House B&B after getting some water from the Gibson's Aquifer which is rated as the best tasting water in the world.  Good stuff!  Then we had breakfast with Keith and Taya who own the B&B and let me stay at their beautiful garden of Eden.  More good stuff!

After breakfast I rode down to catch the ferry back to Horseshoebay.  My awesome and extremely generous friend Cassandra who hooked me up with the Encil House people and the Holy CRAP people accompanied me to the ferry and took some of the pictures of my departure shown above.  Then, she connected me with a friend of her's who has a condo in Whistler where I am writing this from right now.   The ride to Whistler was pretty tame.  The vertical ascent was ~2300 feet.  The rain kept me cool for the first half until I stopped in Squamish for lunch.  The second half was rain free.  I arrived in Whistler at about 16:30.

Cassandra's friends Kristy and Shannon were awesome too - great hospitality - Thanks ladies!  We made had a great dinner and then made a banner/t-shirt to display what I'm up to (check out the pics above).

Today I'm taking it a little easy - only 45 miles (72 km) to the Duffy Lake Prov. Park.  Not sure when I'll find the internet again so I'm taking some extra time this morning to get things in order and up load the pictures I've taken.

Mileage to Whistler: 80.06 miles (128.84 km)

Until my next arrival in modern civilization.
6/5/2010 04:32:22 am

Hi Kevin! Enjoyed your pictures this morning. Love your t-shirt.... think we all need one! Glad you had no trouble getting up hill to Whistler.... hope today is as enjoyable.. beautiful scenery. Keep safe.

6/5/2010 09:35:46 am

K. the last few days sending you off have been extremely special and actually the last month too. thank you for your generosity to me, you've open me up to many possibilities. I will miss you tons! wear your t-shirt often. love you. BFF. ~c.

6/6/2010 10:30:30 am

Hello Kevin,

Way to go! I'm looking forward to seeing more photos and stories with this adventure. DP

Steve Alwin
6/7/2010 09:05:30 am

Just awesome Kevin - just awesome.

6/7/2010 02:30:31 pm

I was driving up to squamish on saturday and i passed you! I said to my friend "hey, i think that's the guy, the guy who's riding his bike for charity." and it was. Good job!


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